Zola Sampler


This sample pack includes the following Zola cartridges 

1 Box of the Zola Elevated 7 Mag

Ten - 11U Cartridges

Ten -  5 Flat Cartridges 

Ten  - 1RL .40 Cartridges 


The Zola Needle Sample Pack truly gives you the advantages you need as PMU artist.  Having these go to needles in your toolkit will give you the ability to change things up when needed while your to provide your clients with the best results possible.  You will find that sometime that one go to needle just isn't doing the trick this time based on the complexities of your clients skin.  That's why the Zola Needle sample pack is what you need to help get you through those unforeseen circumstances. 

Pixelated hair strokes just got easier! Our innovative Elevated 7 magnum is in a class of it own. It’s comprised of 4 wide spread flat needles and lower 3 stabilizing needles that do not touch the skin. Your hair strokes will look perfectly pixelated every time! 

 Our specialized design allows artists to whip in a line without angling the cartridge to isolate one row of needles. (Traditional magnum double row design). Our cartridge has 4 wide spread STABLE working needles that deliver more skin resistance and faster of pigment saturation with less trauma. You may ask, “Why not just use a flat needle configuration?” Traditional flat configurations have tighter spacing between each needle to help keep the needles perfectly aligned. The tighter spacing creates less distance between each pixel, thus altering the overall airy textured stroke effect. The Elevated 7 magnum is the answer 

⁃ Universal cartridge needle

⁃ Create pixelated and saturated lines

⁃ Excellent for shading

⁃ Can be used for Hair Strokes, Shading, Eyeliner and Lips.


What People Are Saying:

I love EVERYTHING about this cartridge!!!💕 I am just mad it wasn't out a long time ago. 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾


Thanks for showing me the way with the Zola 7 mag. It really has elevated my services and it's even easier for me to saturate my lines and my retention is coming back great just like you said.


Love love love my Zola 7 Mag!


I've been getting Zola needles for a little while now and this new mag is unlike any other! Its been super easy to use for my lips and liner services and my brow services are on point!


$99.00 USD

Want us to throw in our Premium Nano Hair Stroke Practice Skin for High Achieving Artist + an online mini course?

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