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Lavish Nano Brows Online Training Offer

Learn the Art of Machine Hair Strokes and Level Up Your Skills as an Elite Brow Artist

What you'll get:

  • In depth knowledge of nano stroke techniques and advanced brow patterns
  • Understanding on how to properly achieve the best clean healed results.  (No blurry faded strokes)
  • Watch a live demonstration with voice narration and explanations. 
  • Certificate of completion 
  • Admission to the private network group of Nano Artist for continued learning and support.

What our Students Have to Say 

What People Are Saying:

I wanted a class that could help me to make my way into the nano world, and so I decided to invest in Maya Moore's Lavish Nano class. I am glad I did. Maya always manages to have a very honest way of speaking. I feel like she isn't holding anything back and she's wanting you to get the most out of the class. This is so important for new brow artists, and I found it super encouraging.


The course was very detailed and explained step by step on how to achieve beautiful nano brows and healed results. Information and technique was clear.

Theresa Nguyen

This has to be one of the best online courses even better than an in person class I took at another school.

Ann Marie Becker

Moore Beauty Academy online course really spelled out what exactly needs to be done. Great tips and direction.

Connie Chang Darling

Maya was very informative and she is very talented. I learn a lot just in the few days. I encourage anyone to take this course.

Shawn Abernathy

Loved the detailed information! You’re a natural teacher! Your information and detail is on point!

Ashli Kent

Thank you Maya for a very informative and well put together nano course! I was so happy with it and learned a lot. I can’t wait to try out these new techniques!

Amy Maetche

If you're looking to step into Nano machine stroke hairs this course has you covered! Maya shares tips gained from her personal experience as a Nano brow artist.

Mariah Pierce

This course was short sweet and straight to the point. I enjoy courses that get straight to the meat and potatoes of what I want to learn. I’m very busy all the time with clients so this makes it much easier to follow and complete. Job well done Maya!

Shannon Norwood

Class was very thorough and a great introduction into nano brows. Maya is a dedicated instructor. Her enthusiasm for brows comes through in her training. I'm looking forward to signing up for more classes. Thanks Maya!!

Jennifer Russell

This course is a must for pmu artists wanting to offer Nano brows . Maya is a great teacher and her technique is consistent and flawless. The course is rich in information and tips and the motivation to practice and succeed just follows naturally after each lesson. Thanks again!

Liezl Du Plessis

Moore Beauty Love Nano Brows Course was awesome. Very detailed videos, explanations and instructions. I was hesitant to learn Nano online, but after completing the course I felt very comfortable and confident that I can do it. Once I saw the needle passing video of each stroke all my worries and anxiety went away. That video was extremely helpful. I would recommend Moore Beauty Love courses to anyone.

Tiffany Sifford

I really enjoyed this course! I loved being able to learn at my own pace. Maya provides good, detailed instruction. I 100% recommend!

Shanae Gentry

As someone who loves that natural brow look and wants to focus my artistry on nano brows, this course was perfect. It demystified a lot of the questions I had surrounding the nano hair stroke technique and was explained in a very easy to understand way. I’m so glad I took this course, I now have so much more confidence in myself to utilize this technique!

Katie Nelson

The Lavish Nano Brows Course taught by Maya was my first step towards learning nano brows. The course is very thorough and extremely helpful. I would recommend this course for anyone wanting to step into Nano Brows.


I’m so glad I took this course. It was very informative and very helpful in my journey to learn nano brows. I had been wanting to learn this technique for awhile now but I hadn’t found anyone who’s work really caught my attention enough to want to learn from them, since I’m very picky on who I train with. I came across Maya’s page and knew I had to train with her and take her lavish nano brow course. Everything was explained perfectly and all of the tips and tricks that were shared throughout the course helped so much, it was definitely worth every penny. After learning from her I feel so confident in this technique and I can not wait to start providing this service to my clients!

Brittany Gonzales

The Lavish Nano Brows course was so informative and detailed! I cannot wait to show off my work and implement all of the techniques. Thank you Maya! I’m looking forward to taking additional classes with Moorebeautylove in the future!


This course was very detailed and organized. This technique is difficult, but Maya explains everything in a way that makes it seem easy, as long as you put in the effort. I look forward to mastering this technique!

Alexandra Niedzielski

Maya's Lavish Nano Brows online course is absolutely fantastic! She gives thoughtful and thorough instruction, provides knowledges checks along the way, and shares all of her helpful techniques and tricks- she really wants her students to succeed and it shows. Highly recommended for anyone looking to transition from microblading into Nano.

Natalie Sweet

The Lavish Nano Online Course is such a great class for folks coming from the microblading world but would like to offer a gentler version for their clients. Maya explains everything and the camera shows you exactly what she is talking about. I definitely recommend this course and now want to take it in person as well! ​