$49.95 USD

Surreal Brows

Get the secrets to creating the realist looking nano brows in a virtual mini course. 


About This Training

You won't regret taking the time to spend 1 hour from your day to work with Maya Moore and Ebone Fields artists and instructors at MooreBeautyLove Studio and Academy as they share all their tips and tricks in creating beautiful Surreal Nano brows. 

This virtual hands on training will give you the ability to learn a specialized nano technique that you can offer your clients who want the "most natural looking brows. 

You'll get to follow along and practice with Maya and Ebone as they demonstrate the step by step process while answering your questions.  

Before the session ends you'll be able to show your work and receive instant feedback so you can refine and enhance your nano brow technique.

Here's What You'll Learn 

How to adjust your nano technique for various skin types

  • Achieving optimal results for our clients is always the goal.  However,  the way you go about doing that might slightly differ depending on the client's specific skin type.  Knowing these key tips will be the difference maker in getting the most natural looking results for any client.  

The appropriate tools to use and how to use them

  • If you don't know by now the right type of tools and products matter.  And once you've found the right tools you have to know the appropriate hand movements, needle speeds and body positioning to get the beautiful natural brows you're looking for.  Look forward to learning all these important details and more during this hands on session.


The best time to use this technique

  • Unfortunately the surreal brow technique isn't for every client.   As an experienced artist with a trained eye and appropriate knowledge you'll know when it best to provide this technique to an eligible client. When successfully doing so you and your clients will see amazing results, which translates into more services and more revenue sales. 


This Training Is For You If

  • You're a current PMU artist looking to learn a more complex machine nano hair stroke pattern and technique.
  • You're a current nano artist and want to advance your nano brow skills. 
  • You want real time help in a live virtual course with your nano technique. 
  • You want to grow as an artist and want to get feedback on your work. 


What You'll Need To Participate

  • PMU Machine
  • Single Needle -.30 1RL  or .35 1RL
  • Practice Skin
  • Pigment 
  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Pen