$49.95 USD

Ethereal Brows

Learn to Create the Fluffiest Powder Brows

About This Training

You won't regret taking the time to spend 1 hour from your day to work with Maya Moore and Rhena Gacayan artists and instructors at MooreBeautyLove Studio and Academy as they  share all their tips and tricks in creating beautiful ethereal brows. 

This virtual hands on training will give you the ability to learn a trending shading technique that you can offer your clients who want the "light fluffy airy" look. 

You'll get to follow along and practice with Maya and Rhena as they demonstrate the step by step process while answering your questions.  

Before the session ends you'll be able to show your work and receive instant feedback so you can refine and enhance your powder brow technique.


Here's What You'll Learn

How to Create the Vertical Ombre Brow

  • Learn the step by step process on how to perfect the euro shading technique from start to finish.

The Appropriate Hand Movement

  • With this style of ombre your  hand movement to get the fluffier results will be a bit different than your typical ombre.  We'll show you the right motions to use to avoid the head of the brows being more prominent and without having an harsh outline.

When It''s Best to Use This Technique

  • The Ethereal Powder Brow is a beautiful technique that can line up well on select clients. Know your options on when it's best to use this particular design.   


This Training Is For You If

  • You're a current PMU artist looking to learn a new ombre powder technique.
  • You're a current artist and want to refine or improve your powder brow skills. 
  • You're new to PMU and wanting to learn more about ombre powder brows.  
  • You want to grow as an artist and want to get feedback on your work. 


What You'll Need

  • PMU Machine
  • Single Needle -.30 1RL  or .35 1RL
  • Practice Skin
  • Pigment 
  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Pen