$49.95 USD

One Pass Microblading

Discover the newest microblading hack to simplify your process and achieve the best healed results. 


You won't regret taking the time to spend 1 hour from your day to work with Maya Moore Master Artist and Instructors at MooreBeautyLove Studio and Academy as she shares all her tips and tricks in simplifying your microblading service.

This is a virtual hands on training you don't want to miss as the benefits to learning these insights are endless.  After this training you'll be able to see more clients in a day without sacrificing longer hours, while at the expense of hand fatigue, soreness and tough muscle pain.

You'll get to follow along and practice with Maya as she demonstrates the step by step process she uses for microblading while answering your questions.  

Before the session ends you'll be able to show your work and receive instant feedback so you can refine and enhance your microblading technique.


This Training Is For You If

  • You're a current PMU artist looking to learn an easier and faster way to microblade and achieve amazing results. 
  • You're a current microblading artist and want to advance your microblading skill and techniques.
  • You want real time help in a live virtual course and want to learn how to achieve better retention from your microblading services. 
  • You want to grow as an artist, get feedback on your work and double your income.