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Lavish Nano for Melanin Rich Skin

Learn the Skill of Creating Beautiful Machine Hair Strokes on Melanin Rich Skin

What you'll Learn and Receive:

  • Understanding the unique characteristics of melanin rich skin
  • Scaring and the Healing Process
  • How to properly perform machine hair strokes and what NOT to do.
  • How to get the best long-term HEALED RESULTS
  • Watch a live demonstration with voice over narration and explanation. 



What People Are Saying:

I'm so grateful to Maya for delivering this type of much needed education.

Holly Renee

OMG Maya Moore's course was incredible so much needed information.

Yelena Stevens

Maya, I can't say thank you enough for your in depth training πŸŽ‰ I'm a detailed person and you brought ALL πŸ‘ THE πŸ‘ DETAILS πŸ‘ covering skin anatomy, technique and the healing process.. I've taken close to 30 trainings to keep my skills fresh and I find that most of them focus on why they use their technique to benefit the artist - which is appreciated! However, yours focused on this and also covered the "why" behind benefiting your client... loved that! It answered every question an artist would have about working on melanin rich skin tones - covering known potential risks such as keloids and hyper/hypopigmentation. Thank you so much! I highly recommend for anyone who wants the full package with training πŸ’•

Linzie Dahlke

Maya’s style of teaching is unparalleled. The overall flow of the course is perfect. I learned so much about darker skin tones and how to work with and prepare my clients for their healing process. Many aspects of PMU procedures on melanin-rich skin are very confusing, if you’re uninformed. She touched on every one of my questions and concerns in regard to melanin-rich skin. Many of my clients are Fitzpatrick 5-6 and I feel like this course held all the missing pieces that the majority of my other courses were lacking. After completing this course, I realized that, at times, being uneducated about darker skin tones, left me doubting my own skills as an artist. Now I feel extremely confident that I am prepared to answer any questions or concerns my clients may have. Highly recommended! Thank you, Maya!

Kathryn Saky

I recommend taking this class. It was very informative! Will definitely be taking another class in the future.


MooreBeautylove did an amazing job with this course, thank you for what you taught on Fitzpatrick 4 - 6

Sheron - Browtique Philly

This course was amazing and literally so informative. Thank you so much!

Amanda - Bold Ink Beauty

Thanks MooreBeautyLove for the amazing Fitzpatrick 4- 6 education. Very informative, you're on FIRE!

Kechia - Brows and Company

Thanks for creating this course and providing an AMAZING Nano Brow Demo!


I love Maya and I loved this course, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.


I loved this course! I was overflowing with so much received knowledge and education.

Elle Munster Beauty

Thank you so much for such great info packed into a small course!

Dermapigmentation Clinic